“Having a daughter with gluten intolerance has defiantly changed the way we eat. We are so happy that we found Gluvana products, now can all really enjoy a meal together. Everybody is happy to eat whatever we make with this product.”

Michael and Donna Bell

I rarely share comments on a website.  However, I am so excited to have found this product that I must share with all of you at Gluvana and  others that view your website. 
I am an ‘ole southern cook.  Folks enjoy sharing a meal at my house and I enjoy sharing with my friends and family.  My southern cooking includes all the “bad stuff”.  This last year my grandson was diagnosed with Autism and it is necessary for him to maintain a gluten free diet.  This way of eating makes a remarkable difference in the way he acts and feels.       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         His mother and I have spent much time and money searching for foods to cook for him that taste good.  I found Gluvana on the website and tried it.   This is not wheat so the taste is different; but tastes good and the mix rises and works like self rising flour. The time involved in preparing his food is one of the down falls of this way of eating. I’m amazed at how simple the complete mix is to use. It takes only a few minutes to make up the bun recipe (which to me is actually rolls) and about 18 minutes to cook.  My grandson loves them.  I am so happy to have found a product that he likes and the entire family can enjoy as well.  I feel good that he can eat at my house and enjoy the food. This is the way it should be at a Grandmothers house.  I am using the Gluvana Complete mix as I would self rising flour.  So glad I found it.”   
Carolyn Hawkins
McDonough, GA

“Gluvana really impresses me, not only does a lot of the things we have made with it taste as good as something usually made with wheat, but a lot of it even tastes better! I love that my wife has a healthier alternative for a gluten free product, and I love that I enjoy the taste as well!”

Aldo Nahed

“As a pastry chef with a gluten intolerance, I am delighted to have found Gluvana. It really can be adapted into almost any recipe easily, and I am really happy to be use something that is more healthier than regular gluten free flours. Everyone that has tasted something that I have made with Gluvana is shocked that it is gluten free. I am also so happy that it’s formula is already blended and that there are very few, if any, adjustments needed to adapt it to any wheat included recipes that I have used in the past. I was so happy to find that the recipe that I used from my former cupcake business was able to be made gluten free with Gluvana! They taste even better than the originals!”

Colleen Bell
Owner and chef of Sticky Fingers Cupcakes, Miami, Fl

“We used Gluvana’s Gluten-Free All Purpose Mix to make mini pizzas and hamburger buns at an outdoor party we catered last spring. The mix is quick and easy to use! The pizza dough was so pliable that I did not even need a roller. We were done preparing the pizza crusts and buns for the whole party in minutes. And, everyone loved them, even those that didn’t normally eat gluten-free. The thing about Gluvana’s is that it tastes “regular” – just like wheat. I’d definitely recommend using this mix to other caterers.”

Patrick Pulliam,
Carte Du Jour Catering Company, Atlanta, GA.


“Can’t remember the last time I made pancakes for breakfast ( they are NOT on the diet plan,lol) but wanted to try out my new Gluvana Complete (TM) gluten free all purpose mix. Made a large batch of those then made a batch of regular pancakes from a popular gourmet mix that the kids like. They took a stack of regular and one of the GF ones to taste it. Then, surprise! They put the regular ones back and ate the GF ones because they tasted better!! Go Gluvana! They really were good!”

Dr. Sophia L. Burns, Beaumont, Texas


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