Going Gluten-free

The gluten-free movement in the American diet has moved beyond a trend to become a permanent shift in how a growing percentage of us manage our diets. Whether gluten-free foods are consumed by those who suffer from celiac disease or have just determined that a diet filled with gluten brings unwanted side effects like frequent indigestion, stomach aches, or a lack of energy, evidence is clear that a diet which restricts gluten is here to stay.

Did you know that in the past four years, sales of gluten-free products in the US have grown on an average of 30% every year? Or that total sales in the US topped out at just over $10.5 Billion in the US alone?

And now Gluvana brings great news…gluten-free base blends that taste great, perform well and don’t sacrifice on the balanced nutritional profile that consumers are looking for.